Feedpro Brand Guidelines

Notice on Feedpro Trademarks

Please note that our Feedpro logo, the Babuyang Walang Amoy and P.I.G.S. logo and trademark, FeedproTV, Alagang Pro, and Natural Healthy Meat logos are all duly registered trademarks of Pronatural Feed Corporation.
We require our dealers and distributors to have us check any material (print or digital) where our logos or company assets will be used, before proceeding with printing, publishing, and distribution. Please email marketing@feedpro.ph

Use of Feedpro Logo

Use Feedpro logo only on white or semi-transparent white colored backgrounds only. There must be ample safe space surrounding the logo. Space must be free of any imagery or text. Use only the specified green, light green, and black colors of the logo.

Don'ts when using Feedpro logo

Do not change the font type or font style
Do not put any spacing between characters or alter the pig icon
Do not use colors not specified (i.e. change green to blue or brown or even other shade of green)
Do not change the shape of the logo.
Do not stretch or shrink the logo disproportionally.

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