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Vannamei or white shrimps need proper nutrition in order to fully grow and develop. And they can only get this by eating quality feeds.

According to Tateh Feeds production manager Juanito Legazpi, Jr., quality vannamei feeds are made up of imported ingredients that have been thoroughly checked and undergone correct grinding process using a state of the art machine.

The food also goes through four stages of a pellet mill system, allowing optimum cooking.

“With the proper mix of quality raw materials and new technology in shrimp production state of the art machinery maayos na production processing, new sizes na talaga namang mag fi-fit sa bawat stages ng ating vannamei ay makakasigurado tayo ng better yield (good production processing, new sizes that will really fit each of the stages of our vannamei will ensure better yield),” Legazpi said.

Optimum cooking also turns vannamei feeds sustainable in water. Moreover, it improves the feeds’ sizes.

Tateh feeds nutritionist Ning Pascual said that Tateh observe all these factors for their own line of vannamei feeds.

What we do in Tateh is that we have a research and development team that studies the kind of nutrition appropriate for our vannamei. It  does not only cover right nutrition but it also conducts feeding trials to check their performance,” Pascual said.

In Tateh’s new and improved vannamei feeds, the protein content is higher. It also contains amino acids that makes it assimilated to shrimps. Most importantly, the product is safe for the environment.

Couple with Tateh’s Effective Culture or ECtech

But to further boost the species to the fullest, Tateh introduces its Effective Culture Technology or ECtech.

ECtech is one way of vannamei culture which adopts low stocking density.

We stock only 60 to 80 (per square meter). With this, we are able to manage the water well at the same time we do not worry over the sizes since they are all the same when harvested,” said Glenn Torres, Farm Manager of Santeh Feeds Corporation.

ECtech is easy to setup with the following steps below.

  1.  Drying.

Let the pond dry for a maximum of 15 days until cracks appear at the bottom. Thereafter, scrape the dirt at the middle and place them in sacks for removal. Resume drying the area. A week later, the surface can be plowed and flushed with water to make sure no residue has been left before drying it again under the sun for another five days.

  • Applying agricultural lime.

The dosage must be 3,000 per hectare. Then fill the pond with water two days after. But stocking cannot be done right away as you still need to wait about 10 more days to allow a preparatory substance to take effect.

  • Pre-stocking.

Prior to stocking,apply about 10 kilos of rice bran per hectare as well as 10 kilos of molasses. Do this every day until the 10th day.

  • Stocking

Make sure to only source fry from a trusted or Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR)-accredited hatchery. Stock the fry early in the morning soon after sunrise like around 6:30 to 7:00 am when the pond water is still cooler. Once they are poured into the pond, start feeding the following day. They are fed five times at the beginning but it goes down to two to three as you approach the 30th day.

Because of this technique, shrimps become less stressed and are able to fully absorb the vitamins and minerals they need for their growth.

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